Our Comprehensive Curriculum Covers


Years 1 to 6, ages 5 to 11

Welcome to Noya British School’s Primary Division, where we guide children aged 5 to 11 through two distinct stages, fostering a vibrant and personalised learning experience. 

Our primary years are divided into two stages:

Each designed to cater to the unique needs and developmental stages of your child.

Key Stage 1

Bridging Play-Based Learning and Formal Routines

In Key Stage 1, we seamlessly support your child’s transition from the play-based learning of the Foundation Stage to the more structured routines of Key Stage 1. Our approach incorporates creativity, imagination, and excitement into the learning process; still allowing opportunities for continuous provision. 

Full time teaching assistants in Years 1 and 2 support learning to ensure all children have excellent opportunities to access all aspects of the curriculum and achieve their full potential. The ongoing use of both formative and summative assessments inform planning and teaching to ensure that learning is constantly maximised, and learners achieve their full potential.

Key Stage 2

Fostering Independence, Leadership, and Collaboration

As students enter Key Stage 2 at Noya British School, our focus shifts to nurturing independence, leadership abilities, and strong problem-solving skills. In the early years of Key Stage 2, our curriculum concentrates on developing:

In the later years of Key Stage 2, students are presented with numerous leadership opportunities within the Noya school community, enabling them to apply what they have learnt. Students can take on formal roles such as:

These student leader positions are vital to planning and facilitating events throughout the academic year. More broadly, all students are empowered to direct activities related to their interests, unlocking leadership potential in all our students. Our Key Stage 2 students gain real-world leadership experience critical for future success.

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The Core Subjects


The National Curriculum for English develops student’s understanding of the English language. Children develop skills around the four areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. In the EYFS and KS1, children will develop a deep understanding of Phonics, using the Read, Write Inc programme, before applying these in the four areas. We are passionate about instilling a passion for reading and writing, and therefore use high quality children’s books as ‘vehicle texts’, to teach our programme of study.

Arabic (specialist)

Our robust Arabic curriculum follows the National Standards for Arabic set by the UAE Ministry of Education. Specialist teachers lead engaging lessons focused on building core competencies in reading, writing, speaking, listening and syntax, for both native and non-native Arabic speakers. Children attend specialist lessons up to 5 times a week. Through exposure to famed literary works and regional poetry, children strengthen their connection to Emirati heritage and traditions. Assessment methods evaluate multiple facets of Arabic proficiency, tailoring growth for varying skill levels.


Our mathematics program uses the highly-regarded White Rose Maths teaching resources to ensure that our students gain both mathematical fluency, develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. Lessons focus on systematically building on prior knowledge to scaffold new concepts. Teachers make connections between maths and the real world so that learning is meaningful and engaging. Our goal is for students to see maths as creative, meaningful and applicable both inside and outside the classroom. Our approach focuses not only on competency but how creatively concepts are applied to problems. So rather than just memorise formulas, children learn to think mathematically, finding patterns and new ways to approach math challenges.


We teach a comprehensive understanding of the natural world through our Science Programme of Study in the British National Curriculum. Covering biology, chemistry, and physics, students embark on an exploration journey, honing scientific skills and deepening conceptual understanding. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning, encouraging hands-on investigations for answering scientific questions. Our approach is dedicated to instilling a lifelong passion for science, nurturing curiosity, and critical thinking. By providing students with tools to evaluate information and make informed decisions, we empower them to meaningfully contribute to our evolving scientific landscape. Through engaging lessons, we inspire students to embrace science not just as a subject but as a key to understanding and navigating the complexities of the world.

Islamic (specialist)

Our dedicated Islamic Studies lessons, up to three times a week, are carefully crafted where students can delve into the teachings of the Quran, Islamic history, and ethical principles. These lessons not only aim to impart knowledge but also foster a sense of spiritual connection, empathy, and moral responsibility.

Social Studies (specialist)

Students (Yr 2 and above) will engage with the MOE Social Studies Curriculum, focusing on shaping individual identities, instilling national values, and cultivating good citizenship practices. This approach aims to foster a strong sense of belonging within both the school and the local community.

The Foundation Subjects

Our foundation subjects are taught through an interdisciplinary, investigative approach centred on real-world applications. Rather than compartmentalize learning, lessons are organized around collaborative project-based units that organically integrate the following subjects:

The creative and performing arts curriculum at Noya British School sparks self-discovery and passion for artistic expression. Comprehensive programs nurture interests and unlock talent in visual arts, music, drama, and dance. Performing encourages confidence plus skills like public speaking, teamwork, and communication. Our concerts, plays and showcases give students’ talent an audience beyond the classroom. With a welcoming atmosphere where risk-taking is rewarded, the arts provide all learners an emotional outlet to manage stress and develop resilience. More importantly, creating any form of beauty, whether a song, painting, or role in a play, is joyful. We believe creative pursuits are vital to a well-rounded education that celebrates imagination in all children.

The expansive Physical Education program at Noya British School reflects our passionate belief that sports and athletics provide immense benefits for young minds and bodies. From Early Years Foundation Stage up to Year 6, a progressive curriculum focused on skill-building, teamwork and self-improvement allows all students to develop a lifelong passion for health and fitness.

In Key Stage 1, essential abilities like balance, coordination and control set the foundation. Key Stage 2 shifts toward collaborative application of skills and game strategy. By Upper Key Stage 2, students enjoy diverse recreational and competitive opportunities, preparing them for secondary athletics while establishing interests to pursue outside school. Expert coaches and staff empower students at all levels to achieve their personal best with outstanding facilities, equipment and guidance.