About Noya British School

Noya British School is honored to be part of the Aldar Schools network, a global leader in education with a commitment to excellence. Joining a family of several schools, we share a collective vision of shaping future leaders and providing a world-class education to a diverse student population with Aldar Education.

At Noya British School, we believe that education is not just about academic excellence, but also about shaping well-rounded individuals who will become future leaders. Our curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills in our students. We also provide a diverse and inclusive environment, preparing our students to thrive in a global society.

Vision, Mission and Our Approach

Shaping Futures, Igniting Minds

Our vision is to be a beacon of educational excellence, empowering students to become global leaders. We strive to create an environment where curiosity thrives, knowledge grows, and futures are shaped with purpose.

Inspiring Excellence, Nurturing Potential

Our mission is to inspire a passion for learning while nurturing the unique potential within each student. Through a commitment to academic rigor, character development, and global awareness, we aim to cultivate well-rounded future leaders.

Transformative Education for Life's Journey

Our highly skilled teachers are not just educators; they are facilitators of exploration. Beyond traditional methods, they creatively plan for meaningful, hands-on experiences that captivate young minds. This approach ensures that every child develops a genuine passion for learning, making education a joyful journey.

History of the school

A range of brands for all learners in our community, from nursery through to adult education. We offer the broadest choice of curricula, in the largest number of locations in Abu Dhabi . Some schools we own, others we manage, and all are of the highest quality of learning styles, facilities, and care for our students, teachers and staff.

From the opening of our very first school, Pearl British Academy in 2007, we have grown into a network of 31 schools, 33,000 students, and a growing network of 3,900 educators from over 100 nationalities. Welcome to Aldar Education.

Join us at Noya British School, where education is the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, innovation, and achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

At Noya British School, the registration is a seamless process conducted online through our dedicated application form.. Our admissions officers  are available to guide you through the process.. Stay tuned for specific registration timelines communicated through our official channels.

Passionate about education? Explore opportunities to join our esteemed faculty at Noya British School. We welcome dedicated educators who share our commitment to academic excellence. Keep an eye on our careers page for the latest openings, and submit your application to be part of our dynamic teaching community.

The culmination of your academic journey is marked by the presentation of your well-earned diploma. Diploma distribution typically takes place during our annual graduation ceremony, a celebratory event that recognizes the achievements of our students. Specific dates and details will be communicated in advance, allowing you and your loved ones to plan accordingly.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant student life at Noya British School! From extracurricular activities to cultural events, our campus is buzzing with opportunities for social interaction and personal growth. Join clubs, participate in sports, and engage in community service to make the most of your student experience. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting events and activities planned throughout the academic year.